The Universal Edge Appliance

Edge computing is a distributed IT architecture that helps move some computation and storage closer to the source of data and thus helps in faster response, lower latency, and improved experiences. Distributed edge nodes also positively impact scalability, network bandwidth and system security with decentralized models.

Data aggregation, consolidation & data quality help in improving the reliability and accuracy of the data produced at the edge that could be unreliable due to environment conditions like network or sensor quality.

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Machine learning and AI at the edge help in increasing the responsiveness, throughput of applications while improving security, decisions and actions.

A Universal Edge Appliance combines several technologies and skills – Hardware, Embedded Software, Application Software, Database, AI & ML, Image Processing, Communication, Protocol Adapters, Data Streaming, Data Quality, Policy Engine, Data Security , Dockerization and more . It also combines Remote Device Security, Monitoring and Control, Upgrades .

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Digital Blanket® offers a Universal Edge Appliance operating on hardened Linux.

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DB Universal Appliance® is a secured edge device that supports multiple protocols including BACnet IP, Modbus, SNMP, OPC-UA, I2C and other web services, in one appliance. The Appliance supports an H2 Database for local storage and a Universal Policy Engine to evaluate custom defined policies and take appropriate local actions.

These devices capture the data our Digital Blanket® platform needs to provide critical metrics and insights that can be used to inform and validate operational decisions and various other value outcomes. Sensor data are used for

  • Maps
  • Hygiene, Air, Water, Emission & other environment data
  • Positioning and Location
  • People count
  • Worker Time on Site
  • Queue Times & Location
  • Asset tracking
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DB Universal Edge Appliance supports a variety of communication protocols like 5G, 4G, Lora Wan, Ethernet, Wi-Fi etc. The DB Universal Edge Appliance is secure, supports high availability, remote monitoring and control, Policy and Data Quality Engines, heartbeat with central server and with other distributed nodes with alarms and alerts.