Return for the space, Stay for the solution
Reintroduce your employees to a dynamic workplace backed by data-driven decisions

Hybrid Workplace

Safe Seating

Desk Booking

Occupancy Analytics

Safely Return to Work

Provide comfort, convenience and confidence to employees with safe seating, offer flexible seating and manage post-usage sanitisation.


Manage a Hybrid Workplace

Manage a Hybrid Workplace

Offer employees the flexibility to choose how and where they work from & set up your office to meet workspace demands.

Seamless User Experience

Enhance user productivity & control with an intuitive Mobile App allowing the employee to roster, book a seat, provide health information & access other services.
Seamless User Experience
Optimize Seat Utilization

Optimize Seat utilization

Workspace analytics by department, chargeback & other information to optimise usage of office spaces.

Floorblocks and Frustrations

Lack of office visibility

If employees have to put their thinking caps on to figure out where to sit and where to work, you're wasting their time and headspace.

A cloud of hesitancy around the return

Welcoming employees back demands confidence that the management is going above and beyond to make offices safe again.

Planning of space amenities

When it's difficult for everyone to know what's available, planning resources and associated amenities becomes a headache.

Gut feelings don't rely on data

A keen eye on what's working and what isn't is great. But no amount of attention or instinct matches data-backed decision making.

Complications of move management

Organising the move of assets and employees, and manually updating workstation inventories and floor plans is a day-job by itself.

Hassles of old chargeback strategies

With workspaces evolving to be collaborative and resources constantly being shared, assessing space and asset allocation is increasingly complicated.

We don’t just help manage spaces. We help you deliver a next-gen experience in every space.

More than 15,000 desk covered

Infinite hours of manual work saved

Benefits for Employees

           Creating a predictable environment with employees at the heart of it

Experience a safe space outside of home again

  • Priority to your comfort and well-being

  • Tracking of space usage for proactive sanitisation

  • Setting up of safe seating plans

  • Recording of check-in and occupancy data for easier contact tracing

Enjoy the convenience of access and choice

  • Fexibility to choose how and where you work from

  • Interactive Floor maps with real-time available spaces

  • Finding and booking of desks and meeting rooms based on attributes and resources

  • Greater visibility to plan your workdays with peers through a centralised interface

Benefits for Facilities

                Empowering the Facilities Team to thrive in the new normal

Getting the workplace ready to go for the long run

  • Increasing employee confidence, morale and engagement with a welfare centric plan of action

  • Adaptibility to any demand scenario in the current volatile environment

  • Holistic space allocation and visibility as workforce returns in a phased manner

  • Easy compliance with updated Government health and environmental regulations

Safely Return to Work
Desk Booking System

Giving the organisation a competitive edge

  • Optimising spaces through reliable data-driven insights that help making strategic decisions

  • Creating value from investment through significant cost savings and frictionless administration

  • Seamless compliance with multiple frameworks and regulations designed for information security.

  • Laying the foundation for an intelligent workspace that integrates with other solutions.

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DB Spazio365 is an effective, easy to use and 100% SaaS solution for enterprises to manage their workspaces while enhancing occupant experience and operating efficiency

Desks covered


   15,000+ and counting