Smart Restroom Solution - DB EnvisenZ

Hygienic & Smart Restroom Solution

  • Make your restrooms hygienic & Covid safe.
  • Monitor restroom density & usage providing cleaning triggers to the janitorial staff for timely sanitization.
  • Monitor odour, wet floor, urinal and WC usage for hygiene.

  • Footfall analysis for restroom with density tracking
  • Employee feedback (kiosk/mobile) on restroom hygiene & cleanliness for corrective actions
  • Enhance employee satisfaction while creating a statement of record.

  • The sensors use anonymous sensing technologies without compromising on employee privacy.
  • Facilities team can ensure consistent levels of cleanliness & hygiene resulting in higher employee satisfaction & well-being.

  • Demand- based cleaning results in optimized use of janitorial resources.
  • Cost optimization by as much as 50% without any compromise on safety and hygiene.


Enhance Restroom Hygiene & Employee Wellness

Automate Restroom Hygiene & Management

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