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Smart Building Technology

Flamenco Tech holds deep expertise in Corporate Real Estate related IoT solutions and has developed significant Domain Knowledge in this space over the last 10 years. We have an expert consultancy team that helps clients define the Use Cases, define integration mechanisms, craft User Experiences and helps us in understanding the stated and unstated needs of the customer.  

With a passion for innovation and new technologies, Flamenco Tech continuously challenges status quo with a view to deliver substantial value to our customers. Flamenco Tech ‚Äės visionary thinking conceptualizes and integrates your digital initiatives and provides deep expertise in business processes and technology architectures.¬†¬†

Most importantly, we develop vendor-independent digital solutions that are specifically designed to meet your business objectives. Our design philosophy includes the following structured themes, directives and deliverables: 

Transformational Themes: Smart Building Technology

  • Better¬†employee¬†experiences¬†
  • Efficient and¬†effective¬†infrastructure¬†management¬†
  • Reduced¬†operational¬†costs¬†
  • Innovation,¬†simplification &¬†standardization,¬†¬†
  • Automation,¬†integration,¬†consolidation &¬†analytics¬†

Secure your IoT Deployments


Transformational Directives : Smart Building Technology

  • Productivity of¬†employee¬†
  • Quality of¬†service¬†
  • Reliability of¬†facility¬†operations¬†
  • Utilization of¬†assets /¬†resources¬†
  • Safety &¬†security¬†
  • Sustainability &¬†compliance¬†

Transformational Deliverables : Smart Building Technology

  • Defining¬†potential¬†¬†‚ÄúSMARTer workplace‚Ä̬†Use Cases.¬†
  • Component¬†design,¬†solution¬†recommendation,¬†feasibility¬†analysis with CBA (Cost Benefit Analysis)¬†
  • Site analysis and systems analysis¬†
  • Integration¬†design¬†& deployment schematics &¬†plan¬†
  • Actionable¬†BoQ¬†for¬†execution. Integration with an Enterprise IoT platform.¬†
  • Technical Program Management to¬†ensure¬†outcomes as¬†designed.¬†

Design for a Secure & Smart Building Technology

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