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Digital Blanket® Space Booking DB Spazio

Hybrid Workplace Solutions for Facilities Managers planning a Safe Return to Work

Workspace Management Solution for Desk Booking, Rostering & Scheduling with Occupancy Analytics Safely Return to Work

Provide comfort, convenience, and confidence to employees with safe seating, offer flexible seating and manage post-usage sanitization.

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Manage a Hybrid Workplace

  • Offer employees the flexibility to choose how and where they work from & set up your office to meet workspace demands.
  • Seamless User Experience
  • Enhance user productivity & control with an intuitive Mobile App allowing the employee to roster, book a seat, provide health information & other services
  • Optimize Seat utilization
  • Workspace analytics by department, chargeback & other information to optimize usage of office spaces.
  • Universal Edge Sensors
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DB Universal Appliance® is a secured edge device that supports multiple protocols including BACnet IP, Modbus, SNMP, OPC-UA, I2C and other web services, in one appliance.

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These devices capture the data our Digital Blanket® platform needs to provide critical metrics and insights that can be used to inform and validate operational decisions and various other value outcomes. Sensor data are used for

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Hygiene, Air, Water, Emission & other environment data

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Positioning and Location

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People count

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Worker Time on Site

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Queue Times & Location

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Asset tracking

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Dashboard & Analytics

  • Occupancy Rate
  • Frequency Rate
  • Trends

Real Time Data Collection

  • Occupancy Data
  • Desk Temperature

Correlated Actions

  • HVAC
  • Comfort
  • Space Planning
  • Lighting
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DB Spazio Desk Booking System

The smartest way to manage a desk booking system. Flamenco Tech is the solution that gives your workplace the flexibility it needs. Manage your workplace with Flamenco Tech Desk booking System. Book your demo today to discuss with our product specialist online.

Maximize days at the office through intelligent and centralized desk reservations

A self-serve solution that empowers you and your employees to embrace a hybrid workspace

  • Hybrid work
  • Seamless booking
  • Attribute filtering
  • Occupancy analytics
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Benefits of Desk Management System

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Systematize hot desking and hoteling for your agile workforce

  • How employees book spaces and their visibility beforehand is critical to yield a flexible work environment.
  • Centralize the process for hot desking and hoteling to give your employees access to desks best suited to their needs.
  • Extending a choice to your workforce will boost employee relationships and increase collaborations
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Engineer confidence-instilling safety measures

  • Heading back to the office in a pandemic worries your employees more than you think.
  • A broader tracking and planning tool helps manage socially distanced floor plans, check-ins, contact tracing, post-usage sanitization, access to health declaration forms, etc.
  • Handle a wide and complex array of information to bring certainty and predictability to your work environment
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Let floor plans be your one-stop shop for everything

  • When every member of every team shares the same interactive floor plan, working together becomes effective
  • A digital view of each floor not only helps employees find colleagues and book spaces but also helps in maintenance management.
  • A comprehensive view of facilities reduces the learning curve of employees and elevates their workplace experience
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Bolster your employee’s search for the right space

  • If employees spend large amounts of their time finding spaces that best fit them, they’re invariably going to have a small amount of time to do work that matters.
  • Filter available desks based on attributes such as quiet seats, window seats, etc. or enable employees to find a proximity seat close to their office colleagues.
  • Live Desk Resource Information equips the pantry and other allied services to be of better assistance
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Cater to a harmonized hybrid workspace

  • A fluid approach to work means that every employee will use a particular space differently.
  • Ace the challenge of managing new demands by gaining a full picture of how space can be utilized based on Fixed, Flexi or Shared seating.
  • Accommodate an employee’s need for flexibility and streamline your operations.
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Effortlessly allocate chargebacks to departments

  • In a dynamic workspace, proportioning space usage to departments can be a painstaking task.
  • Reap the benefits of flexible cost allocation based on accurate, error-free utilization data.
  • A simple and automated chargeback process reduces administration expenses and improves decision making through greater cost transparency.
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Crack the code for undisruptive moves, adds and changes

  • Conducting a move or addition can significantly rattle operations if there are inconsistencies in the process.
  • Refine your move management with real-time occupancy data and good communication streamlined through workflows.
  • Give the right information at the right time to every person involved and map the changes ahead of time.
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Dive into your occupancy ecosystem like never before

  • True insights of historical and real-time occupancy are the basis for analyzing space utilization data.
  • Measure space density across zones, floors, or buildings and receive alerts based on set thresholds in case of overcrowding.
  • Use a simple and intuitive dashboard to generate key reports used by the management in devising long-term strategies.
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Supercharge your way into an intelligent workspace

  • Use a combination of systems to link technology and people in an innovative way that creates a vibrant and engaging work environment.
  • Add IoT sensors for occupancy sensing, utilization tracking and people counting.
  • Integrate with Wayfinding, visitor management, feedback services and pantry services to provide a seamless employee experience.
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