Pantry Services

Integrating various amenities like

  • Pantry services
  • Smart Lockers Booking
  • Parking Booking
  • Convenience for both employees and administration staff
  • Record and track SLAs of service providers
  • Generate reports for audit and accounting purposes

Digital orders for snacks and beverages from your meeting rooms or while booking meetings will improve employee experiences as well as productivity.

Digital Blanket® Employee One mobile application allows the selection of a Pantry in a campus or building, defining the delivery location and choosing the available items for delivery. Any item can be defined as available or not available by the Pantry Operator. The items available with the selected pantry will be displayed – by category & the menus will be displayed along with icons. The Employee can select the items, enter the required quantity against each item. While placing the order, Employee can mention when the order is to be served.

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Once an order is placed, the new order will be notified to Pantry operator (in Tab & Mobile App) as a push notification. The Pantry operator have an option to view the order, verify each item and quality, accept against each item. A Push notification will be sent to employee mobile about the order status. After delivering the order at the venue, the Pantry Operator closes the order (Order serviced).

Various states like cancellation, partial delivery or rejection are supported. The service level of the Pantry can now be tracked and improved. Employee productivity is improved as the focus is on the meeting and not on the order and follow up.

This application with Mobile and Kiosk interfaces and QR Code integration is supported out of the box in Digital Blanket®.

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Digital Lockers

Recent changes to workspaces with Hybrid and flexi office spaces has resulted in “clean desk policy” at least in partial areas. Also, security guidelines in some offices need all personal equipment to be deposited outside the work area. These requirements have created the need for electronic locker systems.

There are many such electronic locker systems that are available that offer flexibility, security & convenience. Personal lockers or even flexi lockers enable shared seating, flexible seating & hoteling in offices.

Such an offering can provide employees great experience while improving flexibility, convenience, security and privacy for employees.

This Digital Lockers can now be managed centrally and be offered as a digital service to the employees on their Employee One Mobile App. Thus, by accessing their Employee One App, the Digital Experience can be enhanced along with all other services that are already available on the same App.

Employee One Mobile App is readily integrateable with any existing electronic locker system. Ready integration adapter for Gantner is now being offered.

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