Baseline, Measure, Analyze, Improve your OEE

Industrial IoT data collection becomes affordable and reliable using Digital Blanket® IoT platform and Universal Edge as it combines MQTT’s data-transferring efficiency with powerful data acquisition capability and tools to push data from thousands of plant-floor and field devices to your industrial and business applications.

Our platform has tools for creating full-featured SCADA and you can connect to all your IIoT data, rapidly develop any kind of industrial application, and instantly from any device.

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) is a calculation of manufacturing process efficiency that considers three primary factors: availability, performance, and quality. The availability factor considers any events that decrease total runtime, including planned stops and unplanned stops.

The performance factor takes into consideration anything that decreases the speed of the manufacturing process while it is running. The quality factor accounts for parts that do not meet quality standards.

Our OEE scores and calculation takes all these factors into account and expresses the result as a percentage, providing actionable insights into the critical sources of waste in a manufacturing operation. The Ability to Track Performance Trends provides can help manufacturers identify when and where losses are occurring.

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Benefits of Digital Blanket® OEE Measurement

  • Accuracy & creating a baseline of measurement – functionally gather information over time and create a baseline for the environment
  • Analytics and Reporting: Smart automatic reporting, in addition to real-time and historical status reports enable users to access advanced data analytics and assess important business scenarios.
  • Ability to provide Real time production improvements
  • Smarter Systems empowering workforce using using Fault cost prioritization improves efficiency and reduces costs by advising operators on required work actions
  • Energy management across costing, forecasting, benchmarking and baselining
  • Reduce downtime and improve production on a real time basis
  • Role-based visual dashboards allow users to customize individual views based on roles and groups as well as evaluate team performance with enhanced accountability.
  • Lead into Industry 5.0
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Digital Blanket® Smart Plant Productivity gains

The factory staff productivity is enhanced due to anytime, anywhere data access. This usually helps the client optimise resource strength across sites. Provision of on-demand reports reduces need to manual collation and maintaining documents from multiple sites. Exception based management removes the need to have an operator available in front of the system all the time. Operator can get alerted only when their intervention is needed. Digital Blanket® monitors the functionality of HVAC, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing as well as key parameters and settings in DDC / SCADA configurations to alert on anomalies in real time. These alarms include Delta T mismatch, CO2 level, Temperature Levels, Blower Status, Pressure Levels, Chilled Water Valve Status, duct leakages, chiller pump status etc.