DB-OccuSenz - Pixel Sensor

Smart Sensors for Occupancy & Space Analytics

DB OccuSenz-Pixel Sensor is our range of smart devices for accurate and real-time occupancy sensing and people counting. We provide a suite of products using latest technologies like AI based pixel sensing, LiDAR, BLE and PIR/IR. The sensors are CE certified assuring you of safety and quality.

DB-OccuSenz-Pixel is an AI based sensor for monitoring space utilization.

Key Features

  • The sensors keep track of workspace density and ensure that areas like cafeteria, meeting rooms, restrooms etc. are safe by providing overcrowding alerts.

  • The sensor helps auto-cancel ghost meetings (room booked but not occupied) preventing wastage
  • Analyses actual usage vs. capacity for efficient real estate planning

  • DB OccusenZ-Pixel sensors measure seat occupancy, queue length, workspace density & social distancing without any video recording, storage or streaming. Complete employee privacy is protected.

  • DB OccusenZ-Pixel readily integrates with Digital Blanket Enterprise IoT Platform to offer Occupancy and Space Analytics under DB Spazio.

Smarter Workspace Management With OccuSenz-Pixel

Value of OccuSenz-Pixel Sensor


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