Smart Sensors for Occupancy & Space Analytics

DB OccusenZ is our range of smart devices for accurate and real-time occupancy sensing, utilization tracking and people counting. We provide a suite of products using latest technologies such as AI based pixel sensing, LiDAR, BLE and PIR/IR. The sensors are CE certified assuring you of safety and quality.

DB OccusenZ-PC People Count sensor is designed to accurately count the number of people passing in and out of an enclosed area.

This sensor does not use any camera hence provides complete privacy & modesty protection for employees.

Key Features of DB-OccusenZ-PC

  • DB OccusenZ-PC sensors anonymously & accurately count people as they enter/exit enclosed areas.
  • The sensors keep track of workspace density and ensure that areas like cafeteria, meeting rooms, restrooms etc. are safe by providing overcrowding alerts

  • DB OccusenZ-PC provides visual indicators to help you find available meeting rooms
  • The sensor helps auto-cancel ghost meetings (room booked but not occupied) preventing wastage
  • Analyses actual usage vs. capacity for efficient real estate planning

OccusenZ-PC readily integrates with Digital Blanket Enterprise IoT Platform to offer Occupancy and Space Analytics under DB Spazio.

Smarter Workspace Management With OccusenZ-PC

Applications Of DB-OccusenZ-PC

                                                         Meeting rooms    |    Rest rooms    |    Cafeteria    |   Retail stores    |    Libraries    |    Shopping Malls   

Meeting Room Occupancy Sensing

Optimize room occupancy with real-time people counting data

People counting system
people count solution dashboard
Fig : People Count System Dashboard

Other Smart Devices

Smart Space Portfolio Management With OccusenZ-PC

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