Occupancy & People Count Sensing

It is becoming important to have real-time visibility of occupancy, floor or zone density and even desk and meeting room occupancy to ensure safety compliance, trigger janitorial and sanitization services, to control energy usage, ensure safe evacuation during emergencies and to provide excellent employee experiences.

Sensors will provide real-time data and insights on count and occupancy, enabling better employee and customer experiences and several upgraded services. Sensors need to be accurate, reliable, certified as per standards such as CE or FCC, support wired and wireless modes and highly secure.

  • PIR / IR & Ultrasonic sensors are impacted by lesser movement, noise and proximity.
  • MAC ID spoofing & GDPR guidelines have made Wi-Fi detection technology error prone to use for People Counting.
  • BLE beacons are useful for detection and counting but limited only to BLE enabled devices and are also limited with poor direction.
  • Advancement in technologies like LiDAR, Pixel, Millimetre Wave, Vision, Thermal and Radar have provided options for highly reliable people / footfall counting and occupancy detection in offices, meeting rooms, seating desks, malls, hospitality, cafeteria, restrooms, factory and hospitals.

With such information, connected businesses can detect hot spots, queue lengths, wait times, dwell times, seat level occupancy, rest room usage, room or shop usage. This data can then be used to act on

  • Environment and HVAC settings
  • Better safety and security planning
  • Provide additional location-based services
  • Streamline janitorial services based on usage
  • Improve employee productivity with enhanced air quality based on density
  • Improved energy efficiency and comfort by controlling HVAC and Lighting based on occupancy
  • Understand area usage by time of day and week for space planning and lot more

Sensing without Sense is not very useful. Also, Sensors must address security at multiple layers to comply with corporate security policies. Thus, sensors must be designed with a sensor network platform that provides a framework for security, scalability, sensor fusion, sensor stitching, over the air upgrades, edge computing, tracking health and performance, plug-and-play, wired and wireless support and more.

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Smart Sensors for Occupancy & People count Analytics

Flamenco Tech offers a Sensor Network Platform along with a suite of products using latest technologies like

  • AI based pixel sensing, LWIR, LiDAR, BLE, UWB and PIR/IR for People Counting, Footfall Counting and Occupancy detection.
  • DB OccuSenz Sensors provide accurate and real-time occupancy sensing and people / footfall counting.
  • They support both Wired (PoE) and Wireless (secure and stable Zigbee mesh or Wi-Fi).
  • These sensors are PII Compliant and do not store or transmit any personal identity or information, making them most suitable to meet stringent corporate security and GDPR guidelines.
  • Can be Installed at Meeting Rooms, Restrooms, Cafeterias etc.
  • DB OccuSenz sensors are easy to deploy or retrofit with minimal infrastructure, can easily be upgraded with latest firmware Over The Air (OTA).
  • DB Sensor Network Platform is built with high levels of security including secure boot, cryptographic secured tokens, tamper proofing, device hardening and device authentication with RSA Keys.
  • DB Sensor are CE certified and FCC compliant assuring you of safety and quality. They are pre-integrated with Digital Blanket® IoT Platform for alarms, analytics, dashboards, reports and actions with data provided in standard MQTT format to connect with other third-party IoT platforms
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Key Features

  • Suitable for Desk & Meeting room Occupancy tracking, People count, Wellness Density etc.
  • No recording, storage & streaming assures privacy & anonymity
  • 95% accuracy over a 4-minute cycle
  • One sensor covers up to 400 sq. ft. or up to eight workstations
  • Provision for optional Sensors – Temp & RH, Ambient light & VOC
  • Wireless and wired options are available
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Make your Workplace Safe to Return

  • The sensors keep track of workspace density and ensure that areas like cafeteria, meeting rooms, restrooms etc. are safe by providing overcrowding alerts.

Manage Real Estate Inventory Efficiently

  • The sensor helps auto-cancel ghost meetings (room booked but not occupied) preventing wastage
  • Analyses actual usage vs. capacity for efficient real estate planning

AI Based Pixel Sensing

  • DB Universal Edge -Pixel sensors measure seat occupancy, queue length, workspace density & social distancing without any video recording, storage, or streaming. Complete employee privacy is protected.

Platform Integration

  • DB Universal Edge -Pixel readily integrates with Digital Blanket® Enterprise IoT Platform to offer Occupancy and Space Analytics under DB Spazio.
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When combined with Flamenco Tech’s state-of-the-art Universal Edge Occupancy Sensors and People Count Sensors, you can track the Occupancy Status as well as the utilization of the Meeting Rooms.

Thus, you can avoid scenarios where meeting rooms are occupied without booking.

Utilization sensors can give you deep insights about understanding if your Meeting Rooms are used efficiently as per their capacity or not. For example. Two people are using meeting room of capacity of twelve people, then it can send alert.

Flamenco Tech’s advanced Universal Edge sensors can also throw up LED & Audio alerts if the occupancy threshold of any meeting room is breached. This feature is especially important in the post-COVID world where social distancing will be here to stay for the expected future.

Digital Blanket® can leverage the utilization data of your meeting rooms to create sanitization alerts. You can sanitize the meeting rooms based on the booking data or based on the utilization data. Thus, it empowers you to create and deploy very practical sanitization plans. Digital Blanket®’s AUTOmate Building OS can integrate with your existing BMS system to energize and optimize the HVAC & Lighting systems for your meeting rooms based on the booking schedules.