DB Spazio

Simplified Workspace Management & Analytics

Digital transformation in real-estate includes managing workspaces for enhanced productivity while reducing costs.

DB Spazio allows you to transform your workspaces; enabling desk booking & meeting room reservations , occupancy & density seamlessly offering a unique flexibility to the business.

Scenario based planning provides validation of future workspace demand & availability.Plan your occupancy with floor plans, controlled allocation & assignment. Plan safe seating for handling Covid-19 compliance.

DB-Spazio provides an easy-to-use workflow with visual representations of the floor plans for managing requests & executing workspace demands.

  • Upload floor plans to view & manage space information across hierarchies
  • Simple workflow for request, allocation & assignment.
  • Scenario based planning for future workspace demands
  • Safe seating algorithm in-built to address Covid-19 scenarios

Designed to offer space control, Spazio facilitates search & reservation of desks & meeting rooms based on availability & personal preferences. 

  • Easy-to-use web/mobile & kiosk applications for desk/room reservations,
  • Multiple search choices- colleagues, seat type & amenities.
  • Management of workstation requests, allocation & assignments.
  • Supports requests for fixed or flexi desk seating, safe seats & meeting room booking, with calendar integration.
  • Manage bulk requests, allocation and team movement based on requests through excel template.

In-depth analytics for improving space efficiency & capacity. 

  • Booking statistics by zone, department & shift
  • Utilization heat map identifying areas of high & low utilization
  • Daily & hourly occupancy patterns comparing planned vs. actual
  • Peak & average utilisation metrics for the floor & department
  • Deviation reports for proactive space management.
  • Detailed footfall trends & analysis for workspaces through integration with sensors. 

Integrate with multiple types of occupancy sensors (OccuSenz) for real-time tracking. Integrate with Building Management & Lighting Management systems for occupancy based controls & personalised comfort & control.

Workspace Management & Analytics

Optimize Desk & Meeting Room Utilisation

Key Features

Occupancy Sensing Options

DB Spazio integrates multiple types of occupancy sensing options using occupancy sensors (OccuSenz) offering flexibility & accuracy

Occusenz Desk Sensors

Accurate wireless desk occupancy sensors that are non-intrusive, with battery life up to 4 years.

Occusenz Pixel Sensors

AI based pixel analytics solution for desk & meeting room occupancy sensing. Supports PoE/ Wi-Fi. PII compliance assured.

Di-Fence Employee Tags

Di-Fence tags with virtual fencing to detect space occupancy & count.

Occupancy Confirmation

Mobile based OTP/QR code solution with geo-location tagging for occupancy confirmation. Integration with Access Card readers for presence confirmation without any PII or security compliance violation.

Manage your Space Portfolio with DB Spazio

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