Reserving and locating a parking spot into office campus is one of the mundane yet stressful activities that employees must go through daily.

While the employees have to know about parking availability, reserving one if available, identifying free spots, confirming the actual parking etc. the administrators are expected to ensure the parking space utilisation is efficient, allow only the authorised vehicles and make employee experience seamless.

Digital Blanket® Managing parking spaces includes

  • Identifying a free parking slot,
  • Booking a slot and sometimes limiting the booking subject to booking a desk,
  • Entry inro the parking area basis booking,
  • Guidance to the free slots, tracking free parking slots through sensors or through vision analytics, analysis of usage, dwell time,
  • Cancellations or no shows,
  • Billing basis the usage,
  • Integration with Mobile App for Digital Experiences and more.

Digital Blanket® parking management system automates

  • Car parking system.
  • Enhances employee experience, optimizes parking space, and
  • makes processes efficient.
  • Provides real-time car parking information such as vehicle & slot counts, available slots display, entry level authentication with RFID or NFC or QR Code or with ANPR.

The solution includes parking reservation and check-in through Employee One mobile application. The booking can be auto cancelled if not checked in within prescribed time.

Technologies such as QR code, RFID, Access Control, ANPR, Indoor location tracking can be integrated into Digital Blanket® through its in-built adapter stack. This allows for seamless vehicle authentication as well as parking guidance system. The parking data can be monitored in near real-time basis by administrators on easy-to-understand intuitive dashboards and reports.

Managed Parking from Digital Blanket® can be integrated with DB Spazio to enable parking booking along with Desk or Meeting Room Bookings for valuable experience. Slot level parking slot tracking is supported with technologies like vision analytics or RFID.

It enables hassle-free management of vehicle entry and exit, can reduce parking search time for employees and improve productivity. Administrators can use the trend, seasonal data to anticipate occupancy patterns and create policies that improve parking space utilisation while ensuring elevated levels of employee satisfaction.