A Visitor Management System is a Digital Statement of Record of all visits and visitors to a premises. It provides a traceable and searchable database of all such events for future references. It adds a touch of professionalism to your front office, while ensuring that your visitors are handled with care.

Visitor Management System key highlights:

  • Make visitor management process significantly faster and yet secure with customized check-in process.
  • Automate the process of registering visitors and allowing safe and secure access to a premises.
  • Enforce the company’s security policies without being unprofessional.
  • Obtain reliable information about visitors and visits for future references.
  • Enable optional add-ons like Visitor Tracking within Premises for disaster recovery situations.
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Flamenco Tech’s DB VIZITA is powered by the Digital Blanket® Platform. DB-VIZITA automates the entire process of managing visitor scheduling, self-registration, visitor profile data and the visitor entry and exit data.

DB VIZITA is designed to address the needs of various types of visitors including Employees from other locations, VIP and Business Visitors, Candidates for Interview, Service Providers and Vendors, Personal Visitors, Contract Workers and New Hires.

DB VIZITA helps to enforce the company’s security policies and obtain reliable information about visitors and their visits. Pre-scheduled visitors have option to use self-service KIOSK for Check-In & Visitor Pass printing. VMS will track visitor right from his/her entry to the premises till he/she exits the premises.

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  • Highly scalable cloud based enterprise-grade architecture.
  • Single site or multi-site deployment with centralized management
  • Visitor Self-Registration through a Kiosk for pre-scheduled visitors
  • Integration to external systems Facial/Biometric/Iris/RFID/Barcode/Kiosks/Mobile
  • Integration adapters with internal systems (HRMS, ACS, Active Directory, AV, Surveillance System etc.)
  • Customization of alerts, workflows, reports & dashboards based on company policies

DB VIZITA can be integrated with HRMS and AD for employee identification and authorization and with O365 for meeting scheduling. It can also be integrated with ACS / Indoor Location System for Visitor Tracking and emergency evacuation.

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