Manage Assets and Planned PPM

Planned Preventive Maintenance or PPM is a systematic approach to building operations that aims to prevent equipment failures before they occur. PPM enforces routine inspections, checks and maintenance tasks.

Planned Preventive Maintenance promotes optimal equipment uptime and performance with regular inspections, reviews, detection, data entry, equipment cleaning / lubrication, repairs, replacements & corrections. This may include maintenance activities scheduled based on time or activated.

Digital Blanket®’s TracMan is a PPM solution with following features

Asset identifier (Barcode, QR Code, NFC, RF Tag) and Management

Location Fencing

Job Assignment and Mobile field services

Alternate Text

Log Sheets, Alerts etc.

Preventive Maintenance

Vendor and Warranty Management

Budget Management

Predictive Maintenance

Inventory Management

DB TracMan provides dynamic creation of templates for tasks without any coding. Any violation on task schedules, tasks, maintenance issues are reported.

Ensures health and safety compliance: a whole roof could collapse without regular inspections, presenting a major health & safety risk.

DB TracMan reduces un-scheduled work, ensures more efficient use of workforce and budget, meets equipment warranty compliance needs, improves equipment lifecycle, and enables facility assurance.