DB Kiosk Platform

Convert any PC into an interactive Kiosk

DB Kiosk Platform

DB Kiosk platform provides interactive touch and touch less screen & information services via Kiosk applications. Any touch screen PC or Android Tablet into can be used as a kiosk. It supports user authentication through  secured PIN, scanning QR Code and access card data.

Connect Employee to the Workplace with DB Kiosk

Blocking & Security

The Kiosk Platform supports several blocking & lockdown functions like Pop-Up blocking, file-download blocking, browser lockdown, authentication, authorization etc. The kiosk platform is hardened with industry recommended best practices.

Third Party Device Integration

The Platform can integrate with other third party devices like Access Card Readers, QR code / Barcode / RFID readers, NFC etc.

Variety of Applications

The Kiosk platform supports a variety of ready-made applications for smart buildings and workplaces. These include desk and meeting room booking & management, employee feedback, digital signage, wayfinding etc.

Enable Interactive Services at your Workplace

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