Expert Team

  • Dedicated installation and technical support team, who install hardware, Digital Blanket® Platform and our IoT & Smart Workplace solutions.
  • Our installation, technical engineers and partner engineers are well trained in technologies, platforms, IoT and Building System protocols, networking, security, hardware install etc.
  • Our partners are selected and trained to ensure they have similar expertise and competencies.
  • The Installation & Support team offer technical support, user induction and training services to ensure you can get the most out of your system.
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Typical Scope of Work

  • Our process starts with pre-installation preparation through a checklist, on-site preparation wherever needed and then installation visits.
  • This may include network installation, system hardening, cloud / server preparation, hardware installation and configuration, Digital Blanket® installation & configuration, user creation, organizational hierarchy creation with permissions, module installation & configuration, module testing & data validation, rule configuration, dashboard and report configuration and more.
  • During installation, detailed training for your staff on the hardware and software will be provided.
  • Your solution will therefore be up and running and ready to use as soon as it is installed.
  • Our engineers will also support for user induction and training advice and guidance on best usage.
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Remote or Onsite or Both

  • Our installation process could be either fully remote, partially remote or entirely on-site depending on the need and the contract.
  • On-going support for usability, bug fixes, hardware diagnostics and replacements etc. are also provided through remote access support or on-site visits as required.
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Advanced Analytics

  • Our expert team will support advanced analysis of the data that has been produced.
  • This is a value added service that includes data analysis, domain & industry expertise and standards, comparisons, benchmarks and recommendations for better efficiencies and cost reductions.