Hygiene at the workplace improves employee wellness, productivity and reduces absenteeism due to ill health. Commercial buildings, factories and hospitals need to implement a ‘healthier ventilation & hygiene strategy’ as per new wellness recommendations from global industry leaders such as ISHRAE, ASHRAE, WELL, and others.

Some of the minimum considerations that organizations must adopt to ensure hygiene and wellness are:

  • Enforce employees to declare their health for the day before they can book a desk.
  • Prevent symptomatic employees from entering office premises with auto screening.
  • Improve ventilation and indoor air quality to reduce spread of infections.
  • Periodic, usage-based cleaning and sanitization of common utilities such as restrooms
  • Publish indoor air quality metrics and compare against global standards like ASHRAE, WELL etc.
  • Create awareness and spread messages related hygiene, health, and safety.
  • Remove any shared touch screen-based services to employees and instead engage them through their own Mobiles.
  • Alert employees when compliance guidelines are not followed.

The safety recommendations can be applied to hospitals, factories, warehouses, offices, or any other form of commercial establishment. These solutions can be seamlessly integrated with existing building OS platforms for systematic management. Flamenco Tech provides a suite of solutions that implement these healthy building measures. These include monitoring indoor air quality, tracking rest room usage and hence janitorial services, controlling fresh air as well as air quality and air ventilation, benchmark against standards like ASHRAE, Well Fit, LEED etc. and touchless digital employee experiences. These solutions enforce building hygiene and employee health, improving productivity multi-fold.

Universal Edge – Air Hygiene Sensors

Systematize hot desking and hoteling for your agile workforce

  • Smart Restroom Management Sensor - Sensors measure the air hygiene within your office premises ensuring compliance with industry standards such as WELL & ASHRAE
  • Create a positive impact on employee health & well-being with better hygiene.
  • Restroom traffic management system sensors monitor, measure & report deviations for several air pollutants such as Temperature, Relative Humidity, CO2, VOC& Particulate Matter etc.

Smart & Hygienic Restrooms

  • Sensors measure hygiene parameters in restrooms such as odour, wet floors & rest room/ WC usage, with triggers to the janitorial staff for timely sanitization based on usage.
  • Ensure consistent levels of hygiene resulting in cleaner restrooms, higher employee satisfaction & well-being.

Smart & Hygienic Restrooms

Make your restrooms Covid safe & hygienic by monitoring and ensuring restroom density, restroom odour, wet floor, urinal, and WC usage and provide cleaning triggers to the janitorial staff for timely sanitization.

Feedback & Statement of Record

Data on restroom usage, Mobile App for employee feedback and immediate corrective actions enhance employee satisfaction while creating a statement of record.

Employee Well-being & Satisfaction

The sensors use anonymous sensing technologies without compromising on employee privacy. Facilities team can now offer consistent levels of cleanliness & hygiene resulting in higher employee satisfaction& well-being.

Optimize Resources

Demand- based cleaning results in optimized use of janitorial resources, resulting in cost optimization by as much as 50% without any compromise on safety and hygiene.