DB Spazio Features

More details about the features are given here. Discover how they make your workspaces dynamic and future proof.

Interactive floor plans


  • Visually understand and manage meeting rooms and desk inventory
  • Booking of meeting rooms and flexible desks done on the up-to-date floor plan on browser, mobile or kiosks
  • DB Spazio365 has capabilities to involve any of your teams with role based access for making decisions
  • Improve visibility of physical office spaces to all stakeholders with dynamic floor plans
  • DB Spazio365 help employees find the perfect meeting room or desk with smart search features

Real-time visibility


  • Outlook calendars and kiosks will show most up to date information with every space booking keeping everyone in sync
  • Enable employees with ease to look and search for meeting rooms, desks, colleagues
  • Remove unoccupied meeting room bookings and update calendars – and visible for others to book
  • Real-estate teams can empower all stakeholders with real-time views

Booking, Planning and Control of spaces


  • Find exact fit and resources while booking meeting rooms
  • Return to work – DB Spazio365 allows to implement adequate safety measures, align with flexible seating. Make desks more accessible to those who want to work from office
  • Maximize real estate ROI with Space planning:
    • Seating into fixed, flexi and shared
    • Manage allocation and assignments
    • Eliminate the need to use Excel Significantly improve people-to-desk ratio
  • Manage events like new hires starting, remote employees visiting, or addressing changes in employees’ preferences
  • Cut meeting room wastage – by removing abandoned “ghost” meetings automatically for higher productivity


Safe seating and touchless experience


  • Reopen offices with adequate safety measures align with flexible seating and ensure physical distancing.
  • Experiment with pilot groups, and flexible seating strategy, long term aligned with your business plan
  • Safe seating by using dynamic seating plans that comply with physical distancing norms
  • Touchless reservations with mobile app along with maintaining record of seat usage for tracking and traceability

Density Tracking


  • DB Spazio365 measures workspace density across floors and meeting rooms keeping a tab on the footfall to ensure that the workspaces are not crowded
  • Real estate leaders can make safer, cost-effective decisions about workspace with accurate, anonymous, real-time people count
  • Sensors seamlessly count people as they move through any entry point and calculates the occupancy
  • Employees and customers can make safer decisions about their day with real-time capacity display on mobile/web/digital signage
  • Companies can alert staff when occupancy reaches unsafe levels. Anyone with access can subscribe to Safe Alerts

IOT Sensing


  • Add purpose built IOT sensors that provide space usage data needed for workspace analytics
  • Desk sensor or people counting sensor hardware as needed
  • Configure to remove unoccupied meetings and optimize utilization
  • Sensor data based analytics helps to
    • Optimize utilization of rooms, desks and cut costs
    • Manage growth plans
    • Make office spaces more accessible based on usage data and patterns
    • Monitor peak time utilization and trends
  • Data to address issues like overbooking, under utilization, policies around space usage etc.,
  • Office space planning and design can be based on actual utilization data

Dashboards and Occupancy Analytics


  • DB Spazio365 is primarily an enterprise workplace management and analytics product
  • Analytics, space management, hierarchical reporting and customizability are at the core of the design
  • Workplace analytics to set directions based on utilization, trends and usage patterns
  • Identify under or over used spaces, which is extremely useful while planning for office expansion and get more from existing spaces
  • Leaders can learn and adapt to constant changing needs with Booking and occupancy behaviors Unmet needs and feedback on spaces
  • Historic and predictive analytics enable most effective space planning cycles
  • DB Spazio365 provides highly configurable, integrated, real-time space usage reporting and analytics

Indoor Navigation


  • Navigate easily to a space in an user friendly manner
  • Interactive wayfinding engages users, saves time and boosts productivity
  • With mobile component, wayfinding is in the palm of employees’ hands
  • Save time that is spent in figuring out the way to a specific point of interest like meeting room boardroom or any other spaces

Digital Blanket Platform Level Features

  • Historic and predictive analytics that can enable your organization with most effective space planning
  • User-friendly mobile app includes multiple applications in single interface
  • Purpose built sensors provide space usage data
  • Integrated, real-time space usage reporting and analytics
  • Hence, office space planning and design can be based on actual utilization data
  • Digital Blanket provides a modular approach to solutions that are easy to use, easy to integrate and easy to scale – that can be deployed to manage smart offices across the world
  • Comes enterprise level uptime, scalability, security and support



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