Fault Detection

Flamenco Tech’s Digital Blanket® IIoT Platform and Universal Edge solution acts as a single source of data across all systems and subsystems, across sites. Digital Blanket® provides Integrated Management of HVAC, Chiller Plant, Mechanical and Ventilation, Hydraulics, Vibration, Pressure, Electrical, Plumbing, Water, Sanitation, Elevator, CCTV and Fire Alarm systems.

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Digital Blanket® Fault Detection system Features:

Connect with Any:

The Universal Edge Appliance data management hub purpose-built to unlock machine data and simplify its integration with enterprise applications – transparently, reliably and with no external dependencies. Connect to Any PLC system – Universal Edge Appliance is equipped with OPC UA so it can easily connect to third-party OPC servers. It can connect /use drivers from Modbus, Siemens, Allen-Bradley, BACnet and more, so you can easily connect to virtually any kind of industrial device. We support AMQP, MQTT, JSON, REST, BACnet, Modbus, SNMP, OPC Classic, and OPC UA for IoT connectivity. Factory Machines data can be accessed via PLCs (programmable logic controllers). Our Universal Edge Collector Appliance connect to PLCs via standard machine-to-machine protocols such as MQTT and OPC UA. Data collected along with its specific subsets are pushed or integrated with enterprise applications. via standard protocols such as HTTP (e.g., REST services), through direct database access via standard JDBC/ODBC APIs and SQL.

Identify & Predict Failures

Digital Blanket® (DB Smart Plant) helps understand energy and water usage anomalies, if any, and take appropriate action to reduce energy and water losses. It helps improve visibility and transparency with sustainability and compliance reporting. It helps reduce energy costs through proper scheduling, benchmarking & comparison and take actions with justification.

Prevent Energy and Machine Losses

Digital Blanket®’s Rule engine detects AHU performance variations and alert / action as needed. In addition, for rotary equipment, Digital Blanket® can predict failures of rotary equipment based on additional prediction systems (condition monitoring) if deployed. Digital Blanket® can standardize process and expertise and hence reduce manpower needed to manage and maintain factory facilities in an efficient way with centralized command and control, statement of record & trends. It will help improve diagnostics, improve uptime, optimize performance and reduce costs.

Predict, Reduce and Eliminate Equipment Downtime

Using an advanced Fault Rules Engine algorithm, helps maintenance tasks to keep mission-critical equipment up and running, rather than wait for error conditions.

Automatically Detect Faults and Receive Real-time Notifications

Monitors systems and equipment for fault conditions to provide alerts and detailed info when set thresholds are met using Preconfigured Fault Rules in the Standard Rules Library.