Cold Chain Tracking

The Cold chain involves the transportation of products that are temperature sensitive and the tracking of the variables during the transportation. These variables may include shocks, temperature, humidity and time delays.

The cargo or goods are transported or stored in refrigerated or heat protected containers through road, air or ships.

Goods quality, Safety, Sustainability and ESG require a statement of record of these variables to ensure compliance to standards.

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Digital Blanket® provides tracking of these parameters within the containers and trucks with sensors that are CE certified and can withstand minus 55 degree C temperatures, track the events with time stamp and store them internally till the sensor is recovered. These sensors are battery operated with long battery life, rugged and water proof.

The data from these sensors are automatically transferred to the Digital Blanket® cloud server at the points of delivery through the DB Universal Collector Appliance.

The data, analysis and the visual dashboards are available for trends and analysis with alarms of any events.

The advantages of Digital Blanket® for Cold Chain Tracking:

  • Totally offline model, does not depend on any communication channel during transportation.
  • Rugged sensors for upto minus 55 degrees Centigrade.
  • Battery operated with long battery life.
  • Integrated with Digital Blanket® platform and the Universal Collector Appliance.
  • Data with analysis, dashboards and alarms due to temperature variances or shocks.