Energy monitoring is mostly a manual activity, which is prone to errors. Energy bills are available, but they only function as a ‘rear view mirror.’ Digital Blanket® provides a very structured approach to Energy Management.

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Energy Measurement & Trending

Energy Metering, Source and Load, Trend energy consumption by hour, day, week, month across system, zone, floor, building etc.

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Energy Data Qualification

Qualify all collected energy data for data quality and reject outliers due to faulty systems. Prepare data for energy analysis.

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Energy Analysis

Analyse energy consumption patterns by site, machine, or project. Identify peak loads and factors, power quality issues, compare actual usage vs set targets.

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Energy Benchmarking & Baselining

Baseline energy usage for each site / process / shift etc. Benchmark energy usage with industry benchmarks for the specific city / segment / weather. Compare buildings / sites / floors through Energy Performance Indices – per unit area or per occupant or per system.

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Energy Forecasting

Use statistical models to predict energy consumption and hence prepare for initiative-taking actions.

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Energy Costing

Allocate energy cost by business group, department, area, building, grid, green energy, diesel generator and by load – HVAC, Lighting, UPS, Machinery etc. Gain understanding of energy costs and what can be optimized.

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Sustainability Reporting

Energy consumption reported against equivalent CO2 emissions or trees saved. Report against set targets.

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Energy Optimization

Review energy usage and identify opportunities for reducing wastage including better scheduling, better fault detection, load optimization etc.

Digital Blanket® for Energy Management and Optimization benefits:

  • Automated energy monitoring solution helps build energy consumption baseline that can be tracked. As per our experience, the cost per sq. Ft. varies by industry, machines, production, number of shifts etc.
  • Energy goal setting and planning tool available on Digital Blanket® platform helps facility team set energy consumption goals and then track it in an intuitive manner using green, amber, red colour coding for each day.
  • Energy consumption varies based on seasons, climate, holidays and the same can be optimally configured on Digital Blanket® for planned savings.
  • Power factor monitoring can also assess power quality and identify any inductive load that is leading to wastages. E.g., Power factor of 0.85 can typically mean 18% higher utility bill for a 100 Kw load. If we can optimize this through regular monitoring and relevant corrective steps, it can reduce utility bill.
  • Load wise (HVAC or UPS or Machine Supply) or machine wise energy consumption segregation is not normally measured or analysed. Energy consumption correlation with machine utilization or machine productivity will make real estate/ factory establishments smarter with least investments.

To save energy, we must measure & report energy usage, analyse energy wastage and then optimize for energy savings. First, automatically collect real-time energy meter readings (AMR), UPS readings and BMS data and indicate normal and abnormal operations. Then we report real-time energy data, energy tracking, trending, and forecasting with automated alarming on breach of target, thresholds, or events.

Our platform analyses real-time and historical data to reveal energy usage trends and patterns, demand peaks, spare capacity for additional load, and relationships between equipment and the conditions affecting system stability against industry standards and norms.

Digital Blanket® Energy measurement system provides power consumption across buildings, department, zones, shifts and processes and allocate costs. We support various models for analysis of energy consumption, savings and wastage and optimization metrics to identify and prioritize best practices for energy savings.

How does Digital Blanket® enable Energy Savings and Energy Analytics?

Digital Blanket® provides adapters for retrofitting into existing environment including Grid, UPS, Diesel Generator, Gas, Lighting, HVAC, Solar etc. with control of HVAC & lighting based on zones, schedules, and occupancy.

Digital Blanket® regulates energy usage through control of HVAC and Lighting. Real-time monitoring, alarming, and power quality analysis to avoid critical conditions that can cause equipment failures and downtime. Identify locations of poor power factor and justify power factor improvement measures.

Digital Blanket® enables setting of targets, tracking energy wastage due to poor scheduling and improper set points. It correlates building occupancy data with power consumption for building operations to help understand energy wastage. Reveal historical and current load patterns and hidden capacity in correlation with occupancy.

Digital Blanket® also helps transition data to insights with pre-configured KPI's, descriptive and predictive dashboards (comparisons - historical to current, between buildings, floors.) with flexibility to personalize the visualization layer.

Digital Blanket® employs advanced Fault Detection and Diagnostics for HVAC and these enable direct energy reduction due to early fault detection and suitable addressal of these faults.

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With condition monitoring, we simulate multiple operating scenarios of any rotary equipment like chillers, pumps, colling towers etc. Then we can link such simulated performance curves to the current performance to identify possible conditional variances and, hence developing faults.

Condition Monitoring can be combined as a unified process for continuous improvement in tune with the best practices for Energy Management (ISO 50001), Asset Management (ISO 55001), ESM, and Performance Measurement & Verification (IPMVP), providing measurable and verifiable outcomes.

Integration with energy control enforces energy conservation and sustainability and helps you to comply with your energy-efficiency and emission-reduction obligations.