Digital Meeting Room Booking System

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In the post COVID workplace, where a large number of employees will work from home. Meeting rooms will serve as the main collaborative spaces for the employees. So, Smart Meeting Room Solution will be an important KRA for CRES/ FM Managers going ahead.

What is a Meeting Room Booking System?

In this paragraph I am going to discuss about what is meeting room booking system is. So Meeting room booking systems consist of software for conference room scheduling, hardware interfaces and digital signage. The software allows company employees or guests to book meetings online or through an app

Some of the typical problems that CRES/ FM Managers face are:

  1. Can the employees book Meeting Rooms easily?
  2. Can I monitor and report ghost-bookings?
  3. Are the meeting rooms being utilised to their capacity?
  4. Can I set occupancy thresholds to avoid overcrowding?
  5. Could I deploy Meeting Room sanitisation plans based on the utilisation?
  6. Can I automate HVAC & Lighting systems based on the occupancy?

Flamenco Tech’s DB Spazio Meeting Room Management Solution is purpose-built to answer these problems.

DB Spazio Meeting Room Management is an intuitive and easy-to-use solution for the employees. and the CRES/ FM Staff too.

  1. Mobile App, Web & Touchscreens this are the three solution which is employee using currently.
  2. The employees can visualise the availability of Meeting Rooms through an interactive floor map, and book a room that best suits their requirement & schedule.
  3. They are free to change/ modify their booking at any time.
  4. Microsoft Office 365 integration is easily possible for this solution. so that an employee can invite his/ her colleagues to collaborate for the meeting.
  5. Firstly, employees can search for a room by capacity and amenities. For example. VC rooms, AV rooms, Phone Booths etc.)
  6. Secondly, they can also search for a room simply from a drop-down list of available rooms for their desired time slot

     The solution introduces a unique, QR-Code based check-in system that employees have to use to validate their meetings. If not scanned within a configurable time limit, the booking is invalidated and the room is released for someone else to book immediately. 

Key Benefits of Meeting Room Booking Systems :

  1. Optimize and save upto 30% office space by reducing your real estate and operational cost.
  2. Forecast and plan future expansion with data on allocation, occupancy, and utilization trends.
  3. Reduce search time enhancing user experience, satisfaction and productivity.
  4. High accuracy, flexibility, and modularity with options of implementing one or more modules.
  5. Integration with other building systems for enhanced space control, employee comfort & convenience.
  6. Provide safe seating with easy execution & management.

This ensures that there will no longer be the issue of ‘Ghost-Bookings’ i.e. booking without utilisation, which is one of the biggest pain-points for Enterprises to manage their Meeting Rooms.

When combined with Flamenco Tech’s state-of-the-art OccusenZ Occupancy Sensors and People Count Sensors, you can track the Occupancy Status as well as the utilization of the Meeting Rooms.

Thus, you can avoid scenarios where meeting rooms are occupied without booking.

People Counting solution

                                                  Fig 1.1 : OccusenZ People count Sensor

Utilisation sensors can give you deep insights about understanding if your Meeting Rooms are used efficiently as per their capacity or not.

For example. 2 people are using meeting room of capacity of 12 people, then it can send alert.

   Flamenco Tech’s advanced Occusenz sensors ( Fig 1.1 )  can also throw up LED & Audio alerts if the occupancy threshold of any meeting room is breached. This feature is especially important in the post-COVID world where social distancing will be here to stay for the expected future.

Digital Blanket is a powerful workplace solution platform

Digital Blanket can leverage the utilization data of your meeting rooms to create sanitization alerts. You can sanitize the meeting rooms based on the booking data or based on the utilization data. Thus, it empowers you to create and deploy very practical sanitization plans.

    Digital Blanket’s AUTOmate Building OS can integrate with your existing BMS system to energize and optimize the HVAC & Lighting systems for your meeting rooms based on the booking schedules. Likewise, organisations can proactively manage the Energy consumption of Meeting Rooms, while at the same time creating a ‘Wow-factor’ with such automation.

     In conclusion, Flamenco Tech’s DB Spazio Meeting Room Management solution is differentiated from other solutions in the market today because of its unique approach towards keeping Employee Experience at the centre while empowering organisations to manage their Meeting Room Inventory effectively.

     Reach out to us for a quick demo of the solution and how can help you deploy this solution for your organisation.   |   |   731, 7th cross, 3rd Block, Koramangala Bengaluru, IN 560034.

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