DB Spazio365 

Hybrid Workplace Solutions for Facilities Managers planning a Safe Return to Work

Workspace Management Solution for Desk Booking, Rostering & Scheduling with Occupancy Analytics

Safely Return to Work

Provide comfort, convenience and confidence to employees with safe seating, offer flexible seating and manage post-usage sanitisation.

Safely Return to Work
Manage a Hybrid Workplace

Manage a Hybrid Workplace

Offer employees the flexibility to choose how and where they work from & set up your office to meet workspace demands.

Seamless User Experience

Enhance user productivity & control with an intuitive Mobile App allowing the employee to roster, book a seat, provide health information & access other services.
Seamless User Experience
Optimize Seat Utilization

Optimize Seat utilization

Workspace analytics by department, chargeback & other information to optimise usage of office spaces.

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DB Spazio365 is an effective, easy to use and 100% SaaS solution for enterprises to manage their workspaces while enhancing occupant experience and operating efficiency

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