We provide desk booking system, flexi seating system, hot desking, hotelling, desk reservation software solutions to make workplace smarter. DB Spazio is a workspace management solution that aids organizations in streamlining operations and reducing real estate costs. The desk booking solution provides better control of office real estate involving planning, booking, tracking and control supporting transformation of your workspace environment. 

Powered by Digital Blanket :

DB Spazio is built on the Digital Blanket Enterprise IoT platform- a unique digital layer that enables automation, integration, benchmarking and analysis to empower your organization’s digital transformation journey. Digital Blanket provides several Workplace Management solutions and creates an intelligent correlation layer for Unified Command & Control data

Key Features – Desk Reservation System

Flexible Seating Options

DB Spazio allows you to easily set-up hybrid workplace catering to various seat types – flexi-desk, hot desks and fixed seats


UI/UX designed for easy 3 step process and tested for millennial employee acceptance with average time of 10 seconds or less

Multiple Filtering Options

Employee can book a desk based on availability, Business Unit, Near a colleague or seat amenities


Occupancy based HVAC and Lighting control to optimize energy consumption


Works seamlessly on a mobile ( iOS and Android ), web browser and touch screen kiosk interfaces

Check-In Authentication

Employee seat authorization using QR Codes, Access card, In app OTP

Reports &

MIS reports enabling better resource management and optimal space utilization


Curated content for desk-booking with embedded seat numbers allowing single view of the floor / wing with or without zooming

Desk Booking System

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Desk Booking Systems – Benefits

Enhances employee experience & saves time resulting in improved productivity​

Enables seating flexibility creating an agile work environment

Analyses your space usage and enables better planning and management

Maximizes desk usage and reduces real estate costs delivering savings to your business