Indoor Navigation System | DB WayFin Solution

Indoor Positioning System provides easy indoor navigation for large facilities through an interactive application on a browser, kiosk & mobile app.

Navigation is based on defined points of interest on 2D/3D maps. Integration with beacons & location sensors for dynamic guidance.

Seamless Integration

Digital Blanket® WayFin integrates with Digital Blanket® for locating meeting rooms. It also integrates with Digital Blanket® AUTOmate to activate “Way to Fire Escape” on screens as an emergency security measure.

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Indoor Positioning System - Key Features

Contextual Way-Finder solution offering for a smart workplace, can operate in a standalone or networked mode.

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Content Bouquet

Supports easy content upload and the flexibility to curate the content as per your organization’s needs.

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Collected Points of Interest

Provides grouping of various points of interest with a detailed menu option and explanatory icons. This allows easy search and instant location.

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Navigation made easy

Locates the position on the map and offers direction to the selected points of interest.

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Multiple Orientation Support

Offers deployment flexibility with screen orientation of landscape and portrait modes.

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Cross Platform Solution

Works seamlessly across browsers, kiosks and Employee One mobile app.

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Easy Implementation

Very easy to set-up and use as it is web based and hardware independent.

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Ease of management

Enables easy content editing and creation of new “points of interest” as needed.

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Allows customer branding through Logo upload. Screens can display branded content for image building when WayFin functionality is not in use.

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Hardware Integration

WayFin can integrate with BLE Beacons for location detection and on-the way guidance.

Smart Building Mobile Services

  • Unified Mobile App enables access to the various services within facility.
  • Enhance the employee experience and productivity within the facility by enabling them to make appropriate instant decisions to make better workplace and conservation of facility resources.
  • Role Based Mobile Apps – Allows users to utilize the services in respective areas

Employee One - This mobile app offers multiple productivity-oriented features to boost employee experience and productivity. Connects the Employee to the Workplace.

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