DB Spidr

DB Spidr for System Controls

Intelligent Wireless IoT Controller

DB Spidr provides On/Off, 0ma to 20ma variance and Contact Free controls using wireless Zigbee to communicate from the sensor to the control system. This can be retrofitted for a variety of applications like lighting control, machine control, power control etc.

DB Spidr’s distributed architecture lowers the costs of installation and allows for flexibility in making future changes.

DB Spidr can control various systems including LED lighting (Analog / DALI-2), MEP systems like Pumps / motors, Power Circuits etc.

DB Spidr can be supplemented a range of sensors including occupancy sensors, hygiene sensors like ambient noise, temperature, relative humidity and particulate matter and also a BLE beacon. The solution is truly creative combining sensing, measurement & control for lighting, machine control, power etc.

DB Spidr readily integrates with digital Blanket enterprise IoT platform for schedules, events &. Alarms, analysis, trends, dashboards and reports.


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