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What is DB Spazio365 Space Management Software?

1. Spazio365 simplifies space planning, utilization monitoring and allocation and brings all your floor plans into a single, interactive application.

2. Spazio365 allows you to manage office spaces as flexi, fixed and shared, create seating plans, manage moves and gain key insights about your workspace.

3. DB-Spazio is used by technology companies, multinational banks and other verticals to improve space utilization, reduce costs and for effective space planning.

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DB Spazio365 is an effective, easy to use and 100% SaaS solution for enterprises to manage their workspaces while enhancing occupant experience and operating efficiency.

For Agile Workspaces - Flexibility with Better Control and Visibility!

DB Spazio365 is the right choice in SaaS both for the value it brings as well as for its functionality. Every feature contributes to a smart workspace by helping you cut down on real estate costs and by boosting employee experience.

DB Spazio365 Features

Interactive floor plans

Visualize your real-estate layouts with real-time status helping you plan & allocate resources better.

Real-time visibility

Real-time visibility into space occupancy and utilization for planning & allocation

Booking, planning & control of workspaces

For greater flexibility - supports fixed seating, flexi seating and shared seating modes

Indoor navigation

Navigate to specific points of interests using digital displays and interactive wayfinding

Occupancy confirmation

Multiple options for occupancy confirmation including wireless occupancy sensors, wired visual sensors, OTP confirmation and Indoor location tags.

Dashboards & analytics

Insightful data helping real estate professionals optimize their workspaces, by measuring utilization and help planning future needs.

Safe seating​

Generates seating plans that comply with safe distancing norms

Density tracking​

DB Spazio365 measures workspace density across floors and meeting rooms keeping a tab on the footfall to ensure that the workspaces are not crowded. ​

Want to implement Spazio365 at your company?

Why use DB Spazio365

Order online and setup an enterprise grade space management solution in under 3 hours. Optimize the offering in less than 3 days.

Spaces in buildings across multiple locations and sites within one, single platform.

Space planning, booking, presence, occupancy tracking, space analytics and integrated management. Start small and add as needed.

To understand space requests & space utilization, to justify real-estate investments and future expansion, to ensure safe seating during COVID, ensure sanitization of used seats before re-allocation.

Platform is highly secure with data encryption (AES 256 bit) and the Platform is PII compliant.

Hierarchical data visualization enabling real estate teams analyze usage, identify trends & patterns for better planning.

With Office 365 for meeting room booking, WayFin for indoor wayfinding and AUTOmate for occupancy based HVAC & Lighting control.

With secure Cloud based SaaS for space management without infrastructure or any occupancy hardware. Upgrade to in-hosted SaaS when needed, without any loss of data.

For precise seat level occupancy data with PII compliance.


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