DB Spazio Sensor

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DB- Spazio Model

DB-Spazio is our comprehensive workspace management offering powered
by Spazio sensor with Workspace Planning, Workspace Control and Workspace Management.

Dashboard & Analytics

-Occupancy Rate
-Frequency Rate

Real Time Data Collection

-Occupancy Data
-Desk Temperature

Correlated Actions

-Space Planning

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Spazio Sensor Value

  • Higher Accuracy with dual sensing
  • Supports additional sensors such as indoor easy to install and retrofit air quality, temperature, humidity etc.
  • Separate wireless mesh  network, secure and non-interfering with production IT network
  • Fully wireless (power and network), easy to install and retrofit
  • Battery utilisation algorithm to improve battery life. Proactive tracking and alert of battery health on DB Spazio dashboard

Spazio Sensor

  • Wireless sensor with dual sensing technology
    • Digital PIR Sensor for Motion Sensing
    • IR Thermal sensor
  • Supports three modes of power : battery, 5V USB power, 230V AC power.
  • Enclosure Size 70 X 50 X 25 mm
  • Collects occupancy data, battery status & surrounding temperature information
  • Operates on multiple frequencies 2525Mhz, 2450Mhz & 2475Mhz

Spazio Router

  • Powered by 5V Adaptor
  • Single router can network up to 30 sensors
  • Router capable of adding other sensors like C02, VOC, Noise etc BLE sensor for sensing other BLE devices
  • Enclosure size 70X 50 X 25 mm
  • Router will additionally support sensors for air quality index, tVOC, CO2, Noise level, ambient light, temperature, humidity, motion sensor.
  • Router will also be enabled with Status Indication LED’s, Battery backup and power from PoE.

Spazio Gateway

  • Powered by 5V DC, 2.5 Amp Adaptor
  • A single gateway can network up to 200 sensors via routers
  • Supports Wi-Fi, Ethernet & USB interface for external connectivity
  • Collates data from all the sensors and sends data to DB cloud through MQQT

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