DB Space Count

Real-Time Non Camera-Based People Counting for Effective Space Management

Manage your Workspaces- Covid Effective!

DB-SpaceCount sensors anonymously & accurately count people as they enter/exit workspaces keeping track of the density and ensuring that your office spaces like cafeteria, office floors, meeting rooms, restrooms etc. are safe, ensuring adequate social distancing and managed to capacity.

Display Capacity Alerts

Define count thresholds and keep people informed when workspaces are overcrowded through in-built visual LED indicator. Receive notifications on the mobile & dashboard.

Usage- based Cleaning Alerts

Tracking capacity in areas like restrooms help trigger usage-based alerts to the janitorial staff, resulting in effective cleaning schedule, optimized usage of janitorial staff & better hygiene resulting in enhanced user experiences.

SMARTer Workplace

DB-SpaceCount sensors can integrate with other DB smart workplace solutions like DB-Spaziosolutions to indicate room booking and occupancy status.

Want to implement DB Space Count at your company?

Want to implement DB Space Count at your company?

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