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5 steps to a Safe, Hygienic and Productive workplace.

Businesses have had to entrust themselves completely on technology ever since Covid-19 locked the world down. Enterprises need to make major changes in order to brace for the impending impact.

Tracking & Tracing will be crucial

Tracing contacts will be crucial. To streamline the process, it must become automated. A tracking and tracing system will help you build a monitored zone in workspaces for incoming employee/assets/visitors through identity tags provided to them. This is an IoT solution based on CRF technology which will auto trace contacts, thus managing impending emergencies.

Businesses can resume only from smart workplaces:

According to IoT Analytics’ research, enterprises are being forced to reduce CAPEX (Capital Expenditure) significantly. Meaning, investments on purchase and retention of assets like infrastructure, real estate, buildings, and employees must become smart now. Post Covid-19, an IoT Digital Twin platform known as ‘Digital Blanket’ can connect every asset you own in a way that entire buildings can become automated and smart, thus bringing down Capex immediately.

Remote access to every asset:

You must have access to every asset like the people who work for you, your machines, as well as everyday energy consumption despite physical distances. With remote asset access, you will have higher control of things like space occupancy, presence of staff in safe/unsafe areas, unwarranted consumption of electricity, fuel, etc.

Ensuring safety of employees:

Tracking your employees when at work or on site is imperative now more than before. Real-time tracking will help you be aware of every employee’s whereabouts. This is critical in a post Covid-19 world since you will be able to prevent sudden mishaps. Micro-location technology will enable you to be aware of every employee’s journey to and from the workplace. This is essential technology in monitoring the elderly who will be particularly vulnerable.

Need for easily installed retrofit solutions:

It may become increasingly difficult and unsafe to dispatch onsite personnel for regular evaluations or analysis. In this regard, an IoT solution which can be deployed by enterprises easily will become vital. These easily installed retrofit IoT solutions will allow you higher control over your critical assets while keeping your employees safe. The open architecture enables retrofitting to many systems and across multiple locations.

Utilising workspaces efficiently:

In order to ensure employee safety, you need to be able to control the occupancy of buildings and presence of staff in safe/unsafe areas. This way, your employees will be able to resume work safely. Thus, your business can conform to distancing rules through efficient utilisation of workspaces.

Learn more about how IoT applications can transform your enterprise into a safe, hygienic and productive workspace for your assets and employees.

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