DB EnvisenZ

Wireless Sensors for Indoor Air & Restroom Hygiene

Healthy Buildings – Air Hygiene

  •  EnvisenZ sensors measure the air hygiene within your office premises ensuring compliance with industry standards such as WELL & ASHRAE
  • Create a positive impact on employee health & well-being with better hygiene.
  •  EnvisenZ  sensors monitor, measure & report deviations for several air pollutants such as Temperature, Relative Humidity, CO2, tVOC& Particulate Matter etc.

Safe & Hygienic Restrooms

  • EnvisenZ sensors measure hygiene parameters in restrooms such as odour, wet floors & urinal / WC usage, with triggers to the janitorial staff for timely sanitization based on usage.
  • Ensure consistent levels of hygiene resulting in cleaner restrooms, higher employee satisfaction & well-being.

DB EnviSenz

Ensure Better Hygiene & Employee Well-being with EnvisenZ

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EnvisenZ For Better Air & Restroom Hygiene

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