Platform Features

  • Open Scalable Architecture
  • Hardware Agnostic & Interoperable
  • Optimized Data Management (Edge Computing)
  • Cyber-secure
  • Data Quality Engine
  • Baseline & Benchmarking Engine
  • Energy & Water Budgets
  • Policy, Alarm & Action Engine
  • Data Visualization ML & AI

Digital Blanket® Building Automation Suite comprises of

  • Connecting The Employee to the Workplace
  • Optimizing Space & Capacity
  • Enhancing Safety & Security
  • Improving Sustainability, Wellness & Compliance
  • Automating Building Controls & Facility Operations

Our Comprehensive Portfolio

  • Integration of Disparte Vendor Systems
  • Multiple Protocol Legacy and Futuristic
  • Management Operations and Employees
  • Secured Data Transport and Access
  • Comprehensive Offering, Yet modular
  • Referenceable Clients, Well Proven
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Expected Value

  • OUR Smarter Workplace can be Retrofitted on Client’s Existing infrastructure. Rip & replace is not needed
  • 10%-30% Energy Reduction
  • 20% - 30% Space Reduction
  • 10 Min - 30 Min Time Saved per Employee per Day
  • 30%-65% Less Equipment Breakdown
  • 5% to 15% Reduced Absenteeism
  • 30% to 50% Improved Compliances
  • Building OS for Centralized Command & Control of Services
  • Benchmark and baseline buildings for ongoing compliance to global standards such as ASHRAE, LEED, WELL, WELL-FIT etc.
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Multi- vendor/ Multi-protocol Support

  • Our solution readily integrates with third party systems providing support for both legacy & IoT protocols.
  • Offers a single pane of glass view for centralized command & control across systems, devices, technologies, and vendors.

SMARTer Policy, Fault Detection, Comparison & Quality Engines

  • It has engines for Policy, Fault Detection & Diagnostics & Data Quality helps correlate data across systems & identify cross-functional issues, eliminating false positives and false alarms.
  • It provides specialized AHU optimization algorithms for fault detection, diagnostics & energy saving.
  • Systematic evaluation & comparison of KPI's across systems & locations

Intelligent Analytics

All data collected in Digital Blanket® is represented in the form of descriptive analytics.

  • The platform supports data types for benchmarking, baselining, correlation & trend analysis over different time periods.
  • Comparisons & executive views are also available.
  • Prescriptive analytics is provided through a rule engine and industry experts can add rules and suggested outcomes based on complex algorithms.
  • Predictive analytics in specific areas like energy are also available.

Centralize your Building Operations with Intelligent Building OS

SMARTer Infrastructure Integration

Our platform offers integration with various infrastructure services with a vendor agnostic approach & readily available adapter. It provides a unified view of all services status & alarms with remote command and control streamlining operations across buildings, systems, vendors, technologies & services.


Our platform offers visibility, deriving value out of interoperability resulting in cost-effective management, lowered risks, improved service availability and performance.

Secure & Scalable

Digital Blanket® is secure by design & built for scale. Data is encrypted from data collection to storage and retrieval. We follow authentication, authorization, and accounting standards (AAA) for role-based access with a single sign-on.