DB AUTOmate - Intelligent Building Management

Transformational Building & Wellness Automation

Intelligent building management systems (IBMS) are used to manage the building technology involved in modern buildings. Smart Building energy management systems are enhanced with the internet and related IT infrastructure to create IBMS. 

Intelligent Building Management - Features

Comprehensive Building Automation

DB-AUTOmate provides monitoring & automated policy based controls for building systems & sub-systems.

DB-AUTOmate provides true convergence by integrating and correlating other building systems like Access Control, Fire Alarm System, Public Address System, CCTV, Lighting Management System, Indoor Air Quality system etc.

Analyses operational data across systems & locations, providing correlation & control.

Sustainable & Healthy Buildings

DB AUTomate provides in-built energy management to help drive energy efficiency with energy trending, profiling and comparing against targets.

AI driven predictions are enabled for energy & water consumption & planning. Improves the health, well-being & productivity of the occupants.

Compliance, Benchmarking & Baselining

Compare the performance of your infrastructure elements and establish the Energy, HVAC & Air Quality standards - ASHRAE, WELL, LEED & ECBC.

Performance targets can be set in accordance with these standards or can be customized as per your own internal standards & measured for continuous improvement and compliance.

Fault Detection & Diagnostics

Advanced analytics for Fault Detection & Diagnostics identifying underlying equipment malfunctions, performance issues, configuration & calibration issues amongst many other defects.

Consolidated alarms & notifications on multiple platforms with causes & recommendations for quick redressal.

SMARTer Workplace

AUTOmate’s vendor agnostic characteristics provide integration with a network of third party sensors, systems & services offering a holistic command & control environment, relying on key correlations for enhancing operating efficiency.

Recharge your Building with DB AUTOmate - Intelligent Building Technology

Streamline your Building Operations with DB AUTOmate- Intelligent Building Management

Smart Building Management - Key Differentiators

Traditional Automation System
SILO BMS system functionality only
Built as BIoT Platform for Centralized Command & Control & IBMS. Several Value additions – Policy Engine, Templates, Analytics…
Mostly on-premise deployment
On-premise as well as Cloud deployment
Legacy Modbus, BACnet, OPC, Proprietary OEM protocols only
Future Proof – Legacy as well as new age IoT protocols MQTT, ZigBee, Wi-Fi
Data Collection and Supervisory Systems Control
Analytics, Control, Comparison, Correlation of related & unrelated data Fault Detection and Diagnostics Data quality check
Email & SMS alerts
Native ticket management to fulfill Building Management SLA’s. Alarms with ‘Recommended Action’ Push notifications to mobile
Role based, Configurable
Role based. Configurable. Intuitive, Hierarchical (CxO, Facility In-charge, Facility mgmt., operator view etc..,), Out of the box
Baseline & Benchmarking is not available
WELL, ASHRAE and other standards to track & enable Healthy Buildings Self-defined baseline and benchmarking Derived intelligence such as EPI
Unified View
Independent deployments i.e. Building level or site level
Centralized Command & Control integrating multi-location, multi-vendor & multi- BMS systems Hardware Agnostic
Multi device Support
Web, Mobile (new)
Web, Mobile, Tab, Kiosk

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