Data Centre Infrastructure Management

Data Centres are complex environment with the synergy of IT and OT. While there are many solutions managing the IT infrastructure, the correlation of OT systems with the Building Management systems is either fractured or missing.

Digital Blanket® DCIM module provides a holistic view of energy, cooling, equipment location and rack space as a single view. In addition, Digital Blanket provides automation to control the BMS and PAC systems to control cooling and airflow in the racks and the aisles to ensure peak Data Centre Performance.

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Digital Blanket® DCIM integrates Universal Wireless Sensors for Rack and U level tracking of servers and network equipment, measures energy consumption by each of these equipment and monitors temperature and humidity across the rack and the aisles. The asset inventory is maintained and updated automatically based on moves / adds and changes.

Thermal mapping with thresholds and HVAC automation with Digital Blanket® Policy Engine provides automated control of HVAC to balance air / cooling drifts and optimize cooling and energy efficiencies while ensuring lower disruptions and optimal server performances.

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Assets can be tracked with ease using Digital Blanket® Employee One Mobile App with specific asset tags blinking its identification. This can eliminate wrong removal and disruption of services.

The benefits of Digital Blanket® DCIM are:

  • Real time asset audit and asset location with retrofitted sensors
  • Reduce maintenance disruptions due to unplanned outages
  • Improved thermal balances with HVAC control and hence better performance
  • Locating misplaced assets and ghost assets
  • Improved rack capacity utilization
  • Alerts for unauthorized movement/ incorrect installation
  • Real time thermal map with hot & cold spots (U – Level)
  • Identify racks responsible for hot & cold spot in an aisle
  • Optimized workload placements with server placement recommendation based on load and cooling.
  • Analyse and manage PUE and ESG compliances
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