COVID-19 Solution Suite

sustainable workspace

Workplace Personas:

Pre-defined persona categories addressing WFO, WFH, work from client office etc. and associated space management workflows

multiple entry

Employee Roster:

Employee can pre-fill roster based on the personas through mobile app. Managers & Facilities team will have a complete view of the employee roster for operating efficient workplaces.

Occupancy Confirmation

Seat Sanitization:

Assist facilities team to identify used seats for sanitization and ensure employee’s book only the seats that are cleaned after use.

Content Bouquet

Health Declaration Form:

Pre-configured mobile based employee health declaration form and integration with Arogya Setu app.

Manage your Workspaces

Approval Process:

We have introduced an approval process for allocating fixed seats. A maximum of 5 levels can be defined for the approval process.

Screen orientation

Employee Health Service:

The Employee One App provides access to health declaration form & offers information regarding the air quality in the selected location. Also displays the Social Distancing Index, if measured.

Variety of Applications

Managing Over Subscription:

We are helping drive over-subscription through several features such as Work Place Personas / Rostering / Seat Harvesting / Auto Cancel etc.

Occupancy Sensing Options

Safe Seating:

Auto-generate seating plans that comply with COVID-19 safe distancing norms

SMARTer Infrastructure Integration

Indoor Air Quality:

Real time Indoor Air Quality view for employees to assure them of safe workplace conditions.

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