Connected Real Estate Solutions powered by Digital Blanket® platform

Digital Blanket®, FlamencoTech’s Digital IoT Platform, edge appliance and professional services spearheads an organization’s digital transformation journey linking IoT data with real-time analytics and digital twin to model and to create Connected Buildings. Our platforms and edge solutions connect and collect information from buildings & workplaces, then analyse and act on those information to control energy, safety, space, environment, facilities and provide enhanced digital experiences for people.

We help real estate managers extract more out of their physical assets digitally, and make data-driven decisions possible thereby optimizing the performance of systems and improving the performance of systems.

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Challenges And Solution Model :


  • Real estate with elements like, HVAC, MEP, Workspaces, facility services etc. working in silos, pose financial, operational, energy & sustainability challenges
  • The post COVID world brought in the era of Hybrid workplaces
  • There is increased focus on improving employee experience & wellness, workspace optimization, indoor air quality and workplace hygiene
  • ESG Compliance and data integrity
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Who we Help

Our Digital Blanket® Platform and Edge solutions address these needs to help Buildings, Malls, Hotels and Workplaces become smart and intelligent. Digital Blanket® helps Commercial Real estate teams across

  • Property Managers
  • Building Engineers
  • Tenant Coordinators
  • MEP & ELV Teams
  • Architects
  • Building operations teams

The Platform can readily complement & integrate with existing Proptech Systems (IBMS, BIM, CMMS, PMS, ERP IWMS) using our API integration.

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Digital Blanket® Framework for Connected Real Estate

The Digital Blanket® framework offers a secure suite of ready applications for Smart Buildings, Workplaces, Hotels & Malls with easy adapter-based framework for third party systems and applications integration. This includes Web, Mobile as well as Kiosk platforms for access and consumption of data, a data analytics and reporting engine and a secure wireless sensor network platform with related sensors.

Expected Outcomes

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Centralized Command & Contro, leveraging existing investments.

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Lesser complexity, lesser resources, compliance to processes and procedures.

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Fault Detection & Diagnostics, lower failures, lesser energy & lower operational costs.

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Improved Experiences, Engagement, Retention

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Automate energy accounting and billing. Energy Reduction

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Simplifies audit processess, improves risk mitigation and compliance reporting

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Optimize Hygiene, Maintenance, Safety, Security

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Space Optimization & Better Utilization

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The following table provides a brief summary of some of the modules on the platform. These solutions are modular, yet integrated offering a unique model of Unified Command & Control Centre.

Our Offering Description Value / Benefits
Building & IoT Automation Building Automation, Energy & Sustainability Management, Indoor Air Quality Management. Sustainable Building, Employee Wellness, Operational Efficiency
Digital Twin Integrated with BIM model providing a 3D contextual reference to assets and asset information and real-time status and alarms. Operational Efficiency
Condition Monitoring Continuous performance management of any rotary equipment with minimal instrumentation. Predictive Maintenance, Lower Energy, Improved Equipment Lifecycle
Way Finding A contextual way finder solution on Mobile and Kiosk based on points of interest principle. Enabled with or without BLE beacons. Convenience & Productivity
Sensor Network Secure sensor network platform for wired as well as wireless sensing of presence, people count, desk occupancy, indoor air quality, rest room hygiene etc. Accuracy, Reliability, Security, Efficiency
Facility Management & CMMS Enables process automation and facility operations with field service management, planned preventive maintenance, rest room hygiene control and ticket management. Operational Efficiency, Service Improvement, Higher Productivity
Space Analytics Workspace optimization through space planning, occupancy tracking, density tracking, desk booking & space control for desk & meeting rooms Flexible Workspace, Optimized Usage, Employee Convenience
Digital Employee Services Services connecting the employee to the building infrastructure & facility services through the mobile. Touch Free Services, Employee Convenience & Productivity
Visitor Management Touchless visitor experiences including visit request, visit authorization, visitor registration and authentication and visit tracking. Visitor Experience, Safety & Security, Brand Value
Digital Fencing Location based services for asset & people accountability Risk Mitigation, Emergency Response, Safety & Security
Unified Command & Control Centre Integration of all systems and services to across buildings and locations to provide central monitoring and management Unified Dashboard, Centralized Command & Control, Lower Operational Costs