Condition Monitoring aims to enhance the system uptime with predictive fault detection, extend the asset life and improve system efficiency to provide energy savings. In condition monitoring, we simulate multiple operating scenarios of any rotary equipment like chillers, pumps, colling towers etc. Then we link such simulated performance curves to the current performance to identify possible conditional variances and, hence developing faults. These developing faults are thus early indicators of performance issues, energy imbalances and systemic failures. These are the root causes of underperformance and lower asset life, which if addressed provides significant value.

Digital Blanket® (DB AUTOmate) provides an AI based Condition Monitoring that takes data from AUTOmate for advanced continuous performance optimization.

Our solution keeps track of asset condition, performance and efficiencies on a Real Time basis, tracks deviations from Best Efficiency Point and helps restore the dynamic operating point closer to the BEP.

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By consistently enhancing the asset health and efficiency, the natural effect is to improve energy efficiency and improve uptime. This is achieved by analysing the machine and baseline data with near real-time temperature and energy data.

It tracks minute deviations in performance and conditions of machines and engages a process of continuous commissioning, bringing out actionable analysis on an ongoing basis, tracked through a Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle of continuous improvement.

Condition Monitoring can be combined as a unified process for continuous improvement in tune with the best practices for Energy Management (ISO 50001), Asset Management (ISO 55001), ESM, and Performance Measurement & Verification (IPMVP), providing measurable and verifiable outcomes.