IoT Enabled Smart Building & Workspace Platform

Digital Blanket IoT Platform synergizes independent digital infrastructure elements in Campuses and Workplaces.

Digital Blanket is an IoT enabled Smart Building & Workspace platform providing solutions for occupancy, sustainability, wellness and employee services in a package. It provides diagnosis, recommendation and decision support with role-based dashboards for CXO’s, Managers as well as operators. 

Digital Blanket comes with ready adapters for integrations with various legacy and latest IOT protocols. The adapters for BACnet, Modbus, SNMP, MQTT, AMQP, XMPP, OPC, I2C & Web Services are available on the platform as a standard feature.

New applications can be built on the platform or third party can consume the processed data, as needed.

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Smart Building Operating System

  • Digital Blanket IoT Platform synergizes independent digital infrastructure elements in Campuses and Workplaces.
  • Creates derivative analytics to improve services, compliance, sustainability, safety and security.
  • Enable energy conservation, optimize asset utilization & reduce loss of assets, minimize process errors, impact & enhance user experience through a balanced approach. 

Digital Blanket comes with ready adapters for integrations with various legacy and latest IoT protocols. The adapters for BACnet, Modbus, SNMP, MQTT & Web Services are available as a standard feature.

Digital Blanket IoT Platform for Intelligent Automation

Salient Features of Digital Blanket Building OS

Salient Features of Digital Blanket IoT Platform

Digital Blanket is a cutting-edge Enterprise Building Operating System that can handle multiple legacy and latest IoT technologies & protocols. Digital Blanket can integrate almost any device / system which can be digitally connected. ​

  • All data collected in Digital Blanket is represented in the form of descriptive analytics. The platform supports data types for benchmarking, baselining, correlation & trend analysis over different time periods. Prescriptive analytics is provided through a rule engine and industry experts can add rules and suggested outcomes based on complex algorithms. AI/ML based predictive analytics is supported in specific areas such as energy management.  ​
  • Supports various protocol & technology stack i.e. Modbus, BACnet, Zigbee, Web API, Database, ISAPI, Email, SNMP, BLE, Wi-Fi, RFID, Beacons, SigFox etc. Standard Protocol: BACnet, Modbus, SNMP, OPC Custom Implementation: MQTT, Web / RESTful API, Database, Email, ISAPI​
  • Centralized Command and Control integrating all utility systems into a single view for monitoring, control and management, thus reducing the number of control systems. ​
  • Digital Blanket supports an Open Architecture to integrate third party devices and systems like sensors, meters, ticketing systems and other solutions. Digital Blanket subscribes to other systems through API, protocol adapters, plug-ins, database connectors, web services etc. to connect to third-party data sources, cloud services, legacy systems etc. The platform itself provides a Mobile App for integrated services on the Mobile.
  • Convergence & Heterogeneity – Delivery of unified intelligence leveraging common IoT platform for data exchange between diverse smart building services to integrate, analyze & present the data rapidly.​
  • Event stream and polled data from data sources are processed at the edge (for data normalization, data quality check, policy evaluation & local action and hourly aggregation) as well as on the server/cloud ( for data correlation, policy evaluation & action, day/month aggregation, analytics, notification, visualization, dashboarding and reporting)
  • Robust policy engine allows rule definition based on KPI’s and actions based on thresholds. The policy can be evaluated at the edge or at the central server and suitable action can be triggered.
  • Digital Blanket orchestrates pre-defined workflows for several services like resource scheduling, approvals etc. The business process management is limited to the defined functionality in Smart Buildings & Workspaces area.
  • The agent based architecture with Edge Computing allows distributed data processing to scale with the growth in infrastructure & data elements which reduces data exchange and decision delays at the location.   ​
  • Buit-in Cyber Security with authentication, authorization & encrypted network services ​
  • Digital Blanket IoT Platform is periodically tested (for every major release) by third party security company for vulnerabilities and penetration (VA/PT) as per SANS 25 and OWASP 10  standards and are reported in-line with CVSS V3. ​
  • AES256 bit encryption is enabled between IOT Edge devices to Software deployed at cloud. All communication from mobile app/web Interface and kiosk interface are through SSL 256-bit encryption.
  • Platform supports audit policies that capture actions performed by users, the changes that were made and when they were made.
  • Digital Blanket provides adapters for retro-fitting into existing environment and sensors including Fuel, Power, Air Quality, Energy Meters, Ambient Noise Meters, Motion Sensors, Video Cameras, WiFi Sensors, Grid, UPS, Diesel Generator, Gas, Lighting, HVAC, Solar, location sensors, RFID, NFC, GPS etc. ​
  • Digital Blanket is architected as a state of art Building OS and not as a typical SCADA system. Hence it does not have limitations of typical PLC/SCADA based solutions. Our large deployment supports about 100 thousand devices in a near real time environment. ​
  • It also supports Real-time monitoring, tracking, trending and forecasting with automated alarming on breach of target, thresholds or events. ​

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