Why 3D Digital Twin

Large facilities like buildings/factories/infrastructure are built on Software for architectural / structural design, MEP, Building Information modelling (BIM) etc. and these software are only used for reference design purposes. With our Digital Twin, these designs are created for 3D, visual validation, estimation and energy analysis with sustainability tracking and life cycle strategies.

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Virtual Walkthrough

The Digital Twin provides facility managers to visualize the building, virtually walkthrough, assess status and alarms in a digitalized 3D format. This allows facility managers to visualize the building, virtually walkthrough the facility, assess status and alarms in a digitalized 3D format.

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Integrated with Digital Blanket®

The Digital Twin integrates existing operational data (Digital Blanket®) to monitor, operate and analyze to optimize the operations thereby reducing the costs.

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Asset Life Cycle

The system captures the asset lifecycle with maintenance, failure, and replacement details for high level analysis (OEM / Facility Manager Performance etc.). This allows facility managers proactively manage assets avoiding unplanned downtime.

Value of 3D Digital Twin Solution

  • Digital Blanket® + Embotic iBIM Platform creates a world class 3D Interactive Digital Twin to achieve an elevated level of operational efficiency driven under a Virtual Environment.
  • We enable a 3D Digital Twin with comprehensive ownership from design, modelling, conversion, integration, cloud hosting, support, and program management.
  • The platform enables users with automated critical alarms, tickets and approvals for vigilance and multi-hierarchy communication with asset snapshots along with regular MIS reporting on health of entire facility.
  • The user can easily navigate through each nook and corner of the facility via a Virtual Walk Through. This not only helps in better operational efficiencies and lower operational costs, but also helps in future renovation and designs.
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