• Digital Blanket®

    Digital Blanket framework offers a secure suite of applications for Smart Buildings, Factories, and Hospitals. The core IoT platform and Universal edge appliance eco system serves as the Digital foundation on which our offerings are built on.

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  • Connected Real Estate

    Smart Real Estate value is realized through thoughtful designs and meaningful integrations of IoT and data that is secure, reliable, informative and validated against insightful KPIs & aligns with your ESG goals.

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  • Connected Factory

    We make Factories smarter through our Industry 4.0 aligned Smart Factory Solutions that help businesses reduce operational costs, optimise efficiency, improve on factory quality output that come through complex graphical representation using SCADA/MES.

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  • Connected Hospitals

    We help accelerate Smart Hospitals/Healthcare initiatives leverage data from disparate systems to create Intelligent Hospital environment. Our Smart Hospital solution leverages our Smart Real Estate solution set for Building Infrastructure.

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  • The ESG Value

    Traditional industries dominated by human interaction are shifting to models complemented by smart machine technologies that blur the physical and virtual worlds. It would encompass confluence of Systems, Things, People thereby creating a Connected Business.

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Traditional industries dominated by human interaction are shifting to models complemented by smart machine technologies that blur the physical and virtual worlds. It would encompass creation of Businesses, Systems, Things, People thereby creating a Connected Business as a whole. It is important to realise the value with a holistic view and create solution that address Edge, Data Capture systems, Transport, security Processing, Validation.

Digital Blanket® Platform Serving Industry Segments

FlamencoTech provides Digital IoT platform (Digtal Blanket®/ Digital Blanket Universal edge®) collector solutions for Connected Business ecosystem. The platform gathers information from machines, energy systems, environment, using our sensors & help companies get more out of their physical assets digitally. The AI and IoT based platform, Digital Blanket®, is designed to connect to multiple systems across locations to create a unified command and control with preventive / predictive maintenance, failure notifications and even automatic control based on FDD rules. Built in Energy trending, benchmarking and performance indices with ESG reporting ensure compliance to standards. The Platform can readily integrate with existing SCADA, DDC, PLC systems through a range of protocols including BACNet IP, Modbus, OPC UA, I2C, SNMP, MQTT without any development. Flamenco Tech compliments this secure and robust platform with deep expertise and experience to scale globally.

The platform and the solution are proven across clients, geographies and industry verticals. It is also tested for reliability, robustness, scalability and security.

There are many use cases that are being addressed today including monitoring, control, energy and sustainability, safety and security, space analytics and more across generic buildings, airports, hospitals etc.

A variety of systems, vendor devices and protocols have been successfully integrated for centralized monitoring and control.

Digital Blanket® Universal Edge® Collector itself is now a standard appliance and aggregates, normalises and sends data with alarms to the central server. The central server can be deployed in any cloud / data centre / integrating with any systems available as containerized backend and AI models pushed at the edge where needed. We have partnerships with Hyper scale cloud providers and use their Cloud / IoT services across Azure, GCP, VMWare Tanzu and AWS as needed.